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Gotthard Graubner, Imi Knoebel, Blinky Palermo und Reiner Ruthenbeck

04.05.2017 - 18.11.2017
Gotthard Graubner, Imi Knoebel, Blinky Palermo und Reiner Ruthenbeck

With works by Gotthard Graubner, Imi Knoebel, Blinky Palermo and Reiner Ruthenbeck the exhibition FarbRaumKörper (ColorSpaceForm) brings together four artists who were associated with the Dusseldorf Art Academy. In their experimental approach to form, color, material and space, these artists explored, in very different ways, the creative possibilities of non-representational art. Gotthard Graubner (1930-2013) was known for his atmospheric paintings on dense fabric, which he called “Farbraumkörper” beginning in the 1970s. The term is also the title of the exhibition, as it relates to the relationship between space, form and color, which the artists Knoebel, Palermo and Ruthenbeck also explored in their works; all three artists studied with Joseph Beuys, whose open concept of art made him enormously popular with the younger generation of artists. Knoebel (*1940) combines abstract painting with industrial materiality and color. Through his serial approach, he tests the possibilities of a minimalistic imagery. Palermo (1943-1977) pursued a conceptual tactic in his confrontation with Malevich, which he followed not only in his three-dimensional pictorial objects, but also in the expansion of painting into the physical exhibition space. The sculptor Reiner Ruthenbeck (1937-2016) examined the physical properties of material in his abstract objects and installations, thereby creating stimulating contrasts through his use of opposites.

Imi Knoebel
Canapé Monochrome Rouge de Mars, 1989
Acryl auf Holz
150 x 214 x 8 cm
© (Imi Knoebel) VG Bid Kunst Bonn 2017
Courtesy Sammlung Goetz München
Foto: © (Nic Tenwiggenhorn) VG Bid Kunst Bonn 2017



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