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Holger Schmidhuber

Carpets of the Forgotten
26.10.2017 - 25.11.2017
Holger Schmidhuber

Holger Schmidhuber’s work cycle ‘CARPETS OF THE FORGOTTEN’, which he has been producing since late 2014, communicates a vivid concept of the extent to which artistic potential of expression is effective and disseminated and what actualities and tension, what enhancements are suitable when dealing with different, and contrary, media.
Hand-knotted oriental carpets up to a century old serve the artist as a base material, as a foundation, for the work. Their ornamental pattern as a connective ‘layer of communication’, as a ‘screen background’, as it were, evinces a ubiquitous presence that melds with the ‘overlays’ that Schmidhuber himself contrived. Expressive linear webs of a gesturally explosive nature complement the ornamental picture surface and lay over the knotted surface, similar to a ‘drip-style painting’. Typographical fragments of words or sentences that attract the viewers’ attention and carry them or those ‘using’ the carpet back and forth between the suggestive message and the painterly composition yield a further layer of a very different expressive value originating from yet another functional context. The gesture-free, seemingly chaotic colour composition together with the lines of text – which accompany it like music, like an emotive rhythm, like a ‘groove’ that touches the ensemble, contrasting, complementing and melding – forms a consummate whole. Ancient tradition, skilful craftsmanship, and word and colour play result in a complex, dynamic oeuvre that functions not just as a wall painting but also as an everyday object of utility.
Schmidhuber has long enjoyed the overlapping and blending of the usual instrumental repertoire between design and art, indeed he seeks the contact, confrontation, and dialogue within them. For it is between these spheres of activity that he is in his element and operates with utmost bravura. He belongs to a generation of artists who, thanks to their digital ‘expanded awareness’, are able to juggle with genres and categories completely naturally and combine them. In developing a new dimension beyond classical art forms, Schmidhuber has accessed a new space for art and in doing so is defining a position that borders on an artistic/fomenting postulate, one that might even on occasion satisfy our contemporary world.

Holger Schmidhuber will be taking part in the benefit auction by PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek München e.V. on 18 November at the Pinakothek der Moderne Museum in Munich with his work ‘RESIST’ from the ‘CARPETS OF THE FORGOTTEN’ series.

Holger Schmidhuber
Silence (Carpets of the Forgotten), 2017
Mischtechnik auf Orientteppich | Mixed media on oriental carpet
142 x 237 cm | 55 7/8 x 93 5/16 inches Mischtechnik auf Orientteppich | Mixed media on oriental carpet




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