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Florian Süssmayr

08.09.2017 - 11.11.2017
Florian Süssmayr

Self-portrayals of visual artists have been a common occurrence since Antiquity. An often used motif, the self-portrait also plays a central role in Florian Süssmayr’s paintings. Süssmayr, however, is not interested in creating realistic likenesses using a mirror, but rather in reflections of himself in a broader sense. His works, which are frequently based on photographs, captivate viewers with their painterly reproduction of various places. From an elevator to a city block to a bathroom mirror, the artist is intrigued by everyday scenes and objects in which his image is recognizable only in its contours, in the form of an outline, his shadow, or a fleeting reflection. His ego is irrelevant. The surrounding is foregrounded, rendered in more detail than the actual portrait. These self-portraits are closely related to the artist’s biography, telling stories of life in a manner typical of Florian Süssmayr’s paintings.

Florian Süssmayr
Selbstportrait, 2017
Öl auf Leinwand
160 x 140 cm




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