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Justin Lieberman

Turtle Care And Feeding
13.09.2019 - 20.10.2019
Justin Lieberman

Die sich formal auf Schildkrötenpanzer beziehenden Keramikskulpturen unterschiedlicher Größe thematisieren die klassische Gefäßfunktion von Keramik auf unterschiedlichen Ebenen. Die Malerei „Masses And Classes“ zeigt einen Hasen als Gegenpart zu den Schildkröten und ist über eine Collage aus hunderten von 35mm Fotografien gemalt, welche unterschiedliche Ansammlungen von Menschen festhalten. Die „weiche“ Skulptur ist aus einer großen Anzahl 35mm Kamerataschen aus Nylon zu einer Art Panzer zusammen genäht.

PHOTO FINISH : A Rabbit Too Fast To See
The story of the tortoise and the hare traditionally has the hare succumbing to overconfidence, stopping to take a nap by the stream, while the tortoise plods on to victory. I imagined a different version of this story, one in which the hare is moving faster and faster to the point of invisibility; it’s speed is such that it can no longer be perceived at all. The tortoise on the other hand has slowed to a full stop; it is dead. This story is a political allegory of the present.

Cutrone’s Solution
Its true that a turtle shell
without a turtle
is like a skull,
and so
it can seem weighted
like a metaphor for death.

But a turtle shell
is also a shell
and so its lightness
extends from the emptiness
of every metaphor.

But there is still another problem:
A shell is exposed
and a skull is concealed beneath the skin
If a skull were a shell
It’s image could not be a portrait
of everyone who ever lived.

Justin Lieberman
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