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Aliki Palaska

Breathing Space/Broken Identities
15.01.2015 - 14.03.2015
Aliki Palaska

Aliki Palaska’s exhibition will show three different groups of works.

Broken Identities is an assemblage of broken porcelain. We see a frowning Beethoven with wings. He is mounted on porcelain fragments. In general, the figures’ balance seems fragile, at the same time, they struggle with their roles, which have been assigned to them through their actions and functions. Their modification, however, makes them more human.

The second group of works Breathing space is formed of plaster casts of human bellies. Different people acted as models for these. These human fragments develop a strong impact on the audience, since they are arranged one after the other in the gallery space. In addition, their nakedness, which resembles that of old Greek torsos, generates another layer – they appear archaic and natural.

The third group of works consists of paper cuts. Two stand out: the orphanage of the Prince Islands off Istanbul, and a pair of shoes, which were worn by a female Syrian refugee. Weary shoes which are falling apart. The paper cut of the wooden orphanage, which has been physically deteriorating for 120 years, reflects emotionally the building’s condition today. Time has shown no mercy to the building; it collapses just as the paper cut does.

We see re-assembled porcelain figures, casts of human bellies, and paper cuts, all of which entail the touch of a distinct mark. Gently narrated by Aliki Palaska, and as close to life as possible, le passage du temps, she shows us that time is after us all albeit slowly. We and the world are slowly falling apart, some of the pieces we can fix. Maybe it is just a deep breath. Yes, this is the Greek artist Aliki Palaska’s intention: to face decay through change.



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