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Antje Zeiher

08.11.2018 - 21.12.2018
Antje Zeiher

Antje Zeiher
o.T., 2018
Öl auf Leinwand
40 x 50 cm

Based in Munich, the artist Antje Zeiher is a storyteller. Most of her vertically formatted images are strict compositions made out of extensively applied acrylic paint and geometric forms. With the aid of lines, she structures the space, defines areas, creates meeting points and passages, and thus orders layers in a multi-perspective image. Yet, no pure or simple abstract works are created.
Zeiher‘s minimalist form language is filled with subtle hints at familiar objects. The free play of associations begins: one enters his/her own world by assembling the given hints into a new narrative thread and thus adding further to the already begun story. Zeiher plays in her large-sized paintings mainly with perspective. The works contain several perspective breaks, which create depth on the canvas and seemingly also highlight individual areas. It is tempting to move a step aside to gain a glimpse behind the scenes. In her small-scale works, she seems to focus on a specific detail taken from her larger works – this creates depth, since she presupposes these. Spatiality unfolds into which secrets are inscribed. The artist thus plays with the desire of discovering the hidden: on the one hand, insurmountable boundaries for the spectator are created; on the other, Zeiher breaches these with small openings. Insistence is given way in a playful manner, the look is directed freely at that which is still veiled. This is the foundation of storytelling: Zeiher’s artistic depth dimension found in her paintings as well as her object art creates productive spaces, which thanks to the abundance of hints prompt each spectator to fill with his/her own associations.
Here, Zeiher’s background in visual arts and the art of storytelling touch: both relay on the underlying knowledge that the world is not fully tangible, its last secrets can never be fully revealed. This boundary is the condition for what we call fiction. The various arts draw from this by confiding in it. This is the point from which Zeiher develops her virtuosic form language.
Judith Csiki




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