Initiative Münchner Galerien zeitgenößischer Kunst



12.01.2017 - 26.01.2017

curated by Benjamin Tillig
works by Dieter Blum
Jürgen Klauke
Alfons Knogl
Alfred Kurz
Julian Neville
Susanna Schönberg
Anna Virnich
Johannes Wohnseifer

Almost completed in terms of its content, the term Chora χώρα found its way into this exhibition through a friend, who at that point was located on the Greek island of Lesbos; it is precisely this island, which has become an occidental external frontier of a political and humanitarian front-line throughout the turmoil of the last two years. Essentially speaking, it was two different terms, which we discussed on the phone – between Munich and, located at the European periphery, the sand beach of the Greek island: Chora χώρα and Skala Σκάλα. Both terms are used colloquially and on a day-to-day basis, especially on the islands, since Antiquity. The Greek term Chora χώρα describes the main settlement of an island. Its counter-piece is the Skala Σκάλα, the bay belonging to the settlement, the port; an opening which stands in stark contrast to the Chora χώρα – an enclosed place – that is to be protected from external influences.

Despite the varying different approaches, the exhibition assembles works, which attempt to trace the balance between openings and boundaries, stability and freedom in movement. At the same time, it is compiled in the manner of a personal collage, which follows one thought, by picking up scents subjectively rather than through objective observation.

The presentation of the works is complemented by the Aquavit-Bar, designed by the artists and located in the basement area of the gallery. The bar is an installation consonant with the exhibition‘s theme. As the main drink of the bar, Aquavit traditionally reached its maturity in a wooden barrel during sea voyages from Norway to Australia and back and thus carries within the very theme of the entire exhibition.




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