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Charles Sandison

Anima Mundi (die Seele des Universums)
15.09.2018 - 10.11.2018
Charles Sandison
Plato in his ‘Timaeus’, was the first to provide a complete description of the anima mundi concept, passed down from ancient mythology:
“…Therefore, we may consequently state that: this world is indeed a living being endowed with a soul and intelligence … a single visible living entity containing all other living entities, which by their nature are all related.”
Plato, Timaeus, 29/30; 4th century B.C.
Sandison presents several new works for the exhibition at Galerie Tanit Munich that combine computer codes and projections with drawings and objects, to create an immersive series of artworks exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and society.
Projections on found objects evoke visions of cities seen from above at night. Signs, symbols and numbers represent human activity and interaction seen in macro. Wall drawings, combined with projected light, create a system of animated mapping that constantly evolves and colonizes the walls of the gallery.
LED screens generate a series of artificially generated digital portraits and landscapes that combine baroque imagery with contemporary visions of cities, environments, and people.
The exhibition aims to create a poetic narrative that allows the viewer to briefly stand back from the complex contemporary world of fast-moving information and perceive it as a whole.
Charles Sandison
Infinity room, 2015
Installation shot

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