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Charlotte Mumm

capsulated drifts
08.05.2013 - 15.06.2013
Charlotte Mumm

Artist Statement
I generally approach my work with a direct and intrinsic interest. I believe that ideas are connected with subjective motivations and perceptions, which result in stand-points. They assert themselves without a hierarchy, but with meaning.

In my exhibition „capsulated drifts“ at the Galerie Tanit, I show, among other things, the wall installation „Hello, I‘m Nobody and who are you?“ and three works that I have developed for the presentation at New Positions at Art Cologne 2013.

The wall installation „Hello, I‘m Nobody and who are you?“ consists of a neon sign, two fanfolded drawings and a wall drawing. The sentence of the neon sign reads „Hello, I‘m Nobody and who are you?“, this refers to a
nearly eponymous poem by Emily Dickinson, which has accompanied me for awhile. It is about being a Somebody or Nobody. Are you living for external appreciation or are you no one and therefore have all the freedom in the world because oneself determines the limits in secrecy but not the status. This up-and-down of paradoxes is also linked to the drawings of the fanfolds. Who are you and what is expected? The capricious faces of the wall drawings dissolve evenly spread in three points. These faces also connect to the work „diffusion“, where they appear on dices.

The ensemble „rooms“ consists of 44 wood panels alternating with 44 drawings on paper. The panels have flocked dots, which represent a selection of various constellations. The constellations and their stories contain a general cultural memory. Human beings search for and find orientation and order in the perception of abstract shapes or seemingly chaotic accumulations by associating them in the form of stories or subjective projections. Drawings of my personal constella-tions/circumstances are the counterpart to the panels as they portray a virtual abstraction of aspects in my inner and outer conditions. Internal situations, questions and free forms, that either drift into the abstract or the figurative depending on the viewing angle, appear. A total of 88 pictures – 44 realistic and 44 idealistic, depending on the viewing angle – are on dis-play. In total this equals the number of official constellations.

This work is accompanied by a sculpture entitled „capsulated drift“. On the one hand, the sculpture seems like a foreign body; on the other, it looks like an aggressor. It could be interpreted as the squaring of the circle manifested in the form of a body. The industrial grey coating acts neutral, but it can change depending on perception and projection.

There is also a small object on the wall entitled „diffusion“. It is a little box of one-way mirror with dice that I designed. Abstracted faces can be seen on these dice, which are based upon the classical guidelines of cube design. These faces and their moods or peculiarities diffuse and dissolve into a state of indifference. Observers can look inside the box, where mindsets are being reflected. They infinitely refer to themselves and are their one and only point of reference.
Charlotte Mumm, 2013


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