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Christina Calbari

Unveiled – Malerei
15.03.2018 - 28.04.2018
Christina Calbari
Unveiled is the second exhibition by Christina Calbari (born 1975 in Athens) at the Galerie Françoise Heitsch. The depicted individuals are again female and live in the 1950s or earlier. Jean Genet’s The Maids was the inspiration behind these images. It is possible to literally feel the weakened self-confidence of the depicted individuals, which unfolds like a breeding ground for gloom and depression. The struggle between the past and thepresence is also palpable. The knowledge that one is seen only, if the social status is highly prestigious; that escaping lower social backgrounds is virtually impossible. The actions and facial features of the depicted females reveal a projection onto the seemingly unreachable opposite, and eventual self-destruction.
Christina Calbari employs a smooth and dark painting style. The colours, mainly brown and grey, express a lasting melancholia in a virtuous manner. Her girls transfer us back at a time when women were controlled in Europe too. In fact, nearly eighty years ago only very few women could determine their own destiny. Christina Calbari is interested, first and foremost, in the girls, who had no voice; or, only when they broke free from their constraints while the media would eventually finish them off. Her works remind us that women rights are nothing but hard-earned.
Unveiled represents the bare and uncovered, the moment of making visible, above anything else. Christina Calbari uses it as an indicator for everything that is wrong and as a metaphor for what has to be unveiled. Her girls stand for past and present injustices. Just like Jean Genet stood for the suppressed and the weak, the word unveiled serves Calbari as a warning, as a challenge to confront any such events and to get angry. Christina Calbari lives in Athens after all, and has to bear witness to the crisis’s effects on a daily basis.

Christina Calbari
Room VI, 2017
oil on canvas
40 cm x 30 cm



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