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Ergül Cengiz

Somnabulistan, Malerei und Installation
15.09.2018 - 26.10.2018
Ergül Cengiz
In Ergül Cengiz’s exhibition ZERRE (Turkish: Partikel) large-sized paper cuts, linoleum prints as well as pen and ink drawings are on display at Galerie Françoise Heitsch. The main theme of Ergül Cengiz’s work are the various different viewing habits traceable within the occidental and the oriental traditions. She interweaves both ways of seeing in tangible spatial installations. She experiments skilfully with forms, patterns, and colours while she leads us astray at the same time – as if it were a game. Upon closer inspection, we will catch ourselves trying to figure out whether a particular pattern originates from an oriental or occidental background. And, how could we be even sure, if the Orient has fascinated and kept Europe under its spell with its opulent yet also modest ornaments for centuries. As an occasionally retrievable contingent of valuables, for us, the Orient is subconsciously ever-present. There, it remains untouched by any cliches, often used if something alien becomes the synonym of something hostile. We are rewarded once we perceive the sparkling force that originates between Orient and Occident, and once we learn to define it as the source of tolerance and aesthetic as well as a signal for peaceful coexistence.
Ergül Cengiz
Gitter, 2016
Scherenschnitt, Öl auf Papier
30 x 28 cm

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