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Gilbert Hage

Screening Berlin. Eleven Views Of Mount Ararat
13.07.2012 - 08.09.2012
Gilbert Hage

Gilbert Hage, Eleven Views Of Mount Ararat,
2009, Archival Print on Aluminium,
110 x 90 cm

Each year, as tourist vacationers, tens of millions of humans yield to an extra conditioning: they follow the directives of a guide, the rythm of a group, and are instructed cursorily in the doxa on various countries turned venues. Under the pretext of anticipating their needs, desires, and even their whims, they are dissuaded from any independent choice. In a sightseeing boat during a guided tour of Berlin, Gilbert Hage resisted – while fixed to his seat – by means of photography the concomitant insidious screening of Berlin. The result, “Screening Berlin”, is a number of moving encounters in the form of chance compositions of landscapes and people.

Referring in its title to the famous series “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji” by the Japanese artist Hokusai, which later augmented to forty-six prints and which was produced between 1826 and 1833, Gilbert Hage’s “Eleven Views of Mount Ararat” depicts another preeminent mountain, one also viewed by many as sacred, this time as it appears in the context of various houses of members of the Armenian community of Lebanon. (Jalal Toufic)


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