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Gregoire Rousseau

Modern Machine
09.09.2016 - 16.10.2016
Gregoire Rousseau

Modern Machine exhibition originates from an image first printed for international Rabrab journal. A big print represents visually of a modern machine software together with its function: repetition of sound. This code within the machine produces the visual content, the digital information turns into sensible information which then can be reproduced ever and again. A representation of an object always alienates part of its material function, Modern Machine large print forms the intangible of software as visual content. The function collapses in front of our eyes, our ears can hear it. The contradiction, or antagonist situation between form and function found only in digital structure is set. Our analogue senses re-unites as separated parts the ensemble. This situation is what digital technology has to offer, or even proceeds from. The fascination collapses as the process is broken down.

Gregoire Rousseau
MACHINE 01 + 03


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