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Hwang Young-Sung

Contours of Reform
27.10.2012 - 24.11.2012
Hwang Young-Sung

Curated by Sam Bardaouil & Till Fellrath

The exhibition “Contours of Reform” is the first large presentation of the work of South Korean painter Hwang Young-Sung in a German gallery.
The show documents the artist’s unusual formalist development, from classic figurative painting during his days as a student in Paris fifty years ago, to his own semi-abstract visual vocabulary. Yet, Hwang Young-Sung has always remained faithful to his motif: the illustration and questioning of family, society, and shared identity. In their concision, his works create a universal image that is always formally asking new questions and developing further.
Hwang Young-Sung (born in 1941 in Korea) lives and works in Gwangju, South Korea.

Kunstwochenende München 2012
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