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Klaus vom Bruch & Natascha Kutschko

Charcoal and censoring ink Drawings for the McLuhan Project
03.05.2018 - 15.06.2018
Klaus vom Bruch & Natascha Kutschko

Why charcoal and censoring ink; drawings for the McLuhan Project?
The McLuhan Project consists of a recorded radio conversation with Marshal McLuhan from 1966 and a montage of contemporary pornographic Internet clips. Through the ironic juxtaposition of both, a new way of characterising the all-encompassing media-world emerges, which is reminiscent of the Sadean Tableaux and deconstructs the hidden desires that are part of the consumerist world appropriation.  Selected video stills from the project will be drawn with charcoal, while awkward parts will be covered with broad ink strokes by Klaus vom Bruch. The drawings by Natascha Kutschko are reminiscent of the images created by forensic draftsmen during court hearings where film and video recordings are a taboo. The sequence of the presented drawings prepare for the reception of a provocative video film. By resorting to academic design media this exhibition deconstructs the breach of a taboo, which has accompanied the history of technical reproducibility and therefore also became uncannily popular, due to the fact that intimate interactions of others can now be watched unpunished.
K.v.B. May 2018



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