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Mojé Assefjah

26.02.2016 - 30.04.2016
Mojé Assefjah

On occasion of Mojé Assefjah’s participation at “Morphology of Archive”, Museum of Goa, India
“Each painting is to me a vision, a scene, a view. They are an invitation for the eye to look through a window opened to a nostalgic space.
I use the traditional eggtempera medium. My interest for the italian Renaissance, is infused with the mystical beauty of the visual productions of Ancient Persia. The free gesture inscribes itself through wide ribbons. The flexibility of the movements and the strokes calls to mind calligraphy.
The spaces are built by the dialectic between opacity and transparency, closeness and distance, putting layers over layers to construct the depth. The spectator might sometimes see vegetal , plant forms, which are quite visible in bold floral pattern of carpet design and othertimes might see baroque drapery. It was interesting to me to investigate how can i transfer my work to a carpet, where the frames and patterns are previously existing and to bring  this to a vertical plan.
I like to tell stories of dreamed landscapes between abstraction and figuration.”
Mojé Assefjah, 2016

Darmian, 2015
eggtempera on canvas
80 x 120 cm




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