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Neringa Vasiliauskaite

28.10.2016 - 12.11.2016
Neringa Vasiliauskaite

For our first performance at PLATEAU münchen we have chosen the young artist Neringa Vasiliauskaite from Lithuania. Her minimalist objects of glass exude a poetic fascination in space.


Is light visible? What makes light visible?
Does light have a colour?

And where does the boundary between materiality and immateriality lie? Neringa Vasiliauskaite (*1984, in Lithuania) uses a coated glass, which has a special metal oxide layers that breaks up light waves into their individual components. In this way, the upper and lower surfaces of coated glass reflect complementary colour waves, which can be varied in intensity, focus and length by means of different light sources. At the present time, Vasiliauskaite is working at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich on glass installations that make use of the refraction of light to project magically delicate, graphic light images into the space.
Her working method consists of observation, perception, reflection and reaction. Her works develop via precise observational studies in different environments with different situations, changing in space, light, the reaction of the observer, the effect on her herself and countless other factors that demand an exceptionally subtle way of dealing with the environment. Based on this tentative, cautious approach, she continues to develop her language of colour and form in space.
For her, it is a question of considering the work as a whole – as a personal research assignment in the sense of a confrontation with the realities of human perception. As a path transgressing borders between objectivity and abstraction. Her delicate, simple glass images are indeed concrete and tangible. Not, however, what they project. Mere light, refracted into nanometres perceived as coloured light, assembled into conceptual light structures are borne through the neutral background of the space…
By this interplay of the works, the abandonment of a rigid format, illuminating into an accessible space, the observer leaves his usual perspective and – by the movement of his body within the three-dimensional space – becomes a participating component of the overall work…“
Manuela Hillmann

Neringa Vasiliauskaite
„Let it be said that they found us very close together, in the light.“,
They Might Be Giants (1971), 2016, Ausschnitt,
beschichtetes Glas, UV Druck, Holz
170 x 112 x 2 cm


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