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Philipp Gufler

Een gebeuren
09.09.2016 - 22.10.2016
Philipp Gufler

Een gebeuren
What happens thereafter is radically unlike what came before.
Circle dream.
Indirect speaking.
Quotation marks.
I like to repeat my movements and actions.
Indirect language as a queer practice.
I’m telling Louwrien about it.
To get rid of it, how we used to say.
I’m inoculating through my narration, reality.
Through my information there is not a decline of the images, but a doubling.
What is happening with me while reporting?
… in order to make contact with others.
Sometimes I use circular or spiral movements. The meaning then becomes one of
a lonely going
round in circles! Often I alternate these movements with periods of rest.
The flash is cheering on the obsessive.
– I want you, but I want you to want me too.
– I’m saying you probably want it that way and perhaps that’s what you need.
I work to purify my inner being.
Even if the contact cannot be more than a wink.
Immendoes, Alienation, Exaggerations, Irony, Travesty. Circle dream.
The deeper you penetrate, the less you photograph. You will realise this.
– I’m saying yes, you can write an ethnology about the ethnologist.
– You’re going to ask less.
– At the end you’re not asking anything anymore.
How to observe life from the outside?”

Philipp Gufler
Een gebeuren
Performance am 2. Juni 2016 im de Appel art center, Amsterdam
Foto: Evelyn Taocheng Wang



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