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Sabina Sakoh & Helge Leiberg

Democracy on air
09.09.2016 - 14.10.2016
Sabina Sakoh & Helge Leiberg

„Art is the daughter of freedom“ – Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller
We are honored to present the artists Sabina Sakoh (*1968, Munich) and Helge Leiberg (*1954, Dresden) in our exhibition „democracy on air“ in Munich during the OPEN ART weekend and on our exclusive SOIREE on Thursday 15th of September. Both artists feel a strong passion for their art. In order to give their impressive paintings and sculptures their proper spaces, the Art Depot of the Gallery at Wilhelm-Riehl-Str. 13 as well as the ART Garage with 1000sq . on the opposite side will host the exhibition. Both artists showed their works in numeroues exhibitions at home and abroad and are represented in important art collections.

Art needs freedom – freedom needs art – but freedom is not a matter of course. There were and still are battles, that are fought for freedom – in revolutions and wars, but also in silence and not least in one‘s self.

Freedom is from inestimable value, the one‘s who have it, know and feel it. It is one of the most important achievements of humankind and became the foundation of democratic fom of governments and is fixed as a basic right in terms of human and civil rights in many nations.

In this connection, the French revolution has essentially influenced the modern notion of democracy and you can feel this feeling of revolution also in Sabina Sakohs artworks. Her pictorial world tells us about fragility, but also about strength and courage, which is needed by humankind, in order to preserve the values of democracy. Her paintings and their drama and their manner are reminiscent of Delacroix or Gericault. Intentionally she lets art historical and iconographical references recognizable, she wants to cause contemplation and reminds us of the history and is revolutions.
After all Sabina Sakoh manages it to develop her own contemporary, expressive pictorial language. Her paintings become a stage, where the characters, whether its human or animal, are narratively put together. The outcome of this is a feeling of being in a surreal world or dream.
Her works draw our attention to the importance of democratic achievements. Single figures, but also pair of figures, are set in a kind of scenery and are representing symbols of our values such as freedom, solidarity, individuality and equality, which have to be saved and defended. But unfortunately it seems, that many forget what freedom really means. Living together in a democratic society leads often to a kind of conform and consumer society, in which feelings dilute.
But freedom is much more than that, it also gives people an opportunity to expatiate and to sense themselve and to express their inner self. Love, dance, literature, tolerance and music live on that.

It is excatly this feeling and passion, that Helge Leiberg expresses in his painting and sculptures. He paints his figures with a strong and expressive stroke of brush, transforms their inner self to the outside and moves them into the center of happening, so that it is impossible to avoid them.
His figures touch us in our very own emotions, they dance, they make music, they love, they suffer and they are full of strength, presence and poetry. They are a shadow of our former self and they let us sense what it means to be free and to be alive.

The artists have chosen the title „democracy on air“ for this exhibition. Through their art Sabina Sakoh and Helge Leiberg remind us of the meaning of our free democratic values, which are send out from Europe into the world and which are seen as worthwhile for many nations. They are in the air, you just have to breathe….and dance. „Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost“ (Pina Bausch

Galerieseite: Helge Leiberg
Geschraubt, 2012
Bronze, 1/6, 305 x 70 x 70 cm
© Helge Leiberg
Courtesy Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin | Seoul | Beijing & Filser & Gräf, München

Home, Reihung und Slider (detail): Sabina Sakoh
The Raft number eight, 2016
Öl auf Leinwand, 200 x 200 cm
© Sabina Sakoh
Courtesy Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin | Seoul | Beijing & Filser & Gräf, München
Fotografie: Alexander Winterstein

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