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Susanne Mansen

c'est la vie – Zeichnungen
27.10.2017 - 16.12.2017
Susanne Mansen
Susanne Mansen
‘Zitat’, 2016
Tusche/Faden auf Nessel
55 cm x 80 cm
copyright Katharina Kreye
The exhibition c’est la vie is a hymn to life and a thank you for being alive and understood. Susanne Mansen draws for all of us. These are mature drawings, yet, they address the child in us. We, who are used to deal with serious matters the whole long day, even in art are we used to focus, begin to marvel about such offered tranquillity.
Font, sentence fragments, picture puzzles, animal figures, and organic material are layered, superimposed, to form an image-based narrative. Free are we supposed to wander through these stories, just like she continued without imposed limitation of stretcher frames, drawing on torn pieces of untreated cotton cloth and canvases, randomly sewing on pieces of fabric or not.
She sends us to go on Sunday strolls, forest explorations of long past times, moments of happiness, which form and invent their own images. A rare carefree attitude spreads, in which human and mythical creature meet. Time has come to a standstill on the densely crowded works. It flows into each and every direction, just like on a school yard; animal, human, sex, all in a tumble – provenance and species remain unimportant – as long as they are alive. If she then, however, writes with a red thread Ruhe [tranquillity], one has to stop and hold one’s breath. Are the red stitchings drops of blood, or just a short pause after which serene life will continue? Most likely a sign, an imperative of this time, a contemplation, a hint at the Middle Ages, because she wants to draw our attention to an essential change, that paradise today can be understood without guilty conscience.

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